About Viva

🌼 ¡Hola, amigos! 🌼

I'm Yolanda, the heart and soul behind Viva La Yum Yums  ✨

As a Mexican immigrant and a previous DACA recipient, I've embarked on a journey to celebrate the rich tapestry of my heritage through handmade bath, body, and lifestyle products. 💃🌺

At Viva La Yum Yums, we're all about inclusivity, wellness, and self-care, wrapped up in a bundle of fun and sophistication. 🎉💆‍♀️

Our products are lovingly crafted to not only make you feel good but also to infuse a touch of Mexican culture into your daily routine. 🌟

But let me tell you, building this business has been a labor of love, persistence, and countless late nights. 🛁💼

Join me on this colorful journey as we celebrate diversity, embrace self-care, and sprinkle a little Yum Yum magic into your life. 🌈✨