Deadpool Bath Bomb

Deadpool Bath Bomb

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Deadpool inspired bath bomb. This beautiful bath bomb will making bathing fun! We have our same great scents. All of our bath bombs are made using natural and food-grade ingredients. Each bath bomb is individually painted. We never use any harsh chemicals. No SLS.  

Made to order.

Choose from:

La Rosa: Rose essential oil, Himalayan sea salt, and olive oil

Media Naranja: Turmeric, Orange essential oil, tea tree essential oil, and olive oil

Choco Coco: 100% natural cacao powder, coconut oil and a hint of orange

Choco Mint: 100% natural cacao powder, peppermint essential oil, olive oil 

La Serena: Lavender essential oil, green tea, and olive oil

Buenas Noches: Eucalyptus essential oil, milk and honey

Manzanilla: Chamomile leaves, lavender essential oil, and coconut oil

Pepi-melon: Cucumber melon with a hint of tea tree oil

Mucho Macho: Cedarwood & orange essential oil, olive oil

Mango: Turmeric, Mango fragrance, tea tree oil, and olive oil

Agua De Sandia: Watermelon fragrance, lemon essential oil, olive oil